Here’s just some of the courses we offer:

Bribery Act Awareness

The UK Bribery Act 2010 makes training and protection against corruption and bribery a legal requirement. This course provides employees with the knowledge and skills to implement anti-bribery policies and carry out risk assessments. It is designed for businesses to demonstrate their due diligence under the new legislation.

HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

This course delivers a basic knowledge and understanding of the importance of the HACCP as a precautionary food safety management system. Regulations, make HACCP-based food safety training mandatory in all UK food handling operations. This course is primarily aimed at senior supervisors and managers working within the food manufacturing industry – those responsible for assessing risks to food safety and implementing controls.

Coffee Skills

The course is designed to give employees an understanding of coffee including bean variety, storage conditions and equipment. This course will help employees prepare and serve the perfect coffee every time. This course is designed for employees working in the food and beverage industry who wish to increase their coffee skills.

COSHH - Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health

It is best practice for anyone working with dangerous substances to understand how to work with them safely. This course provides an overview for those whose job role involves working with hazardous substances, including cleaning products, to help them recognise potential risks and the controls needed to prevent them. COSHH regulations require employers to provide their employees with suitable and sufficient information and training.

Health & Safety

This is a qualification designed to provide basic knowledge and understanding of the principles of Health and Safety. Find out what rights and responsibilities you have towards your own wellbeing, customers, visitors to your premises and your colleagues. This course is suitable for all levels of employees. We also offer a Front of House Health & Safety course.

Money Laundering Awareness

As an introduction to anti-money laundering, this course provides employees with an understanding of money laundering, the law and how to identify money laundering activities. It gives employees the skills to protect your business. This course is suitable for those involved in financial services and fraud departments.

Disability Awareness

Formal disability awareness training required under the Equality Act 2010. The course provides a comprehensive look at disability, including types of discrimination and employer responsibilities. Suitable for managers/employers, but is also useful training for employees with customer-facing roles.

Staff Appraisal Skills

The course enables you to tailor the appraisal system in your workplace to suit your management style. Focussing on key areas including objective and target setting and managing overall performance, the course ensures you get the most from your employees and keep them motivated. This course is designed for management level staff responsible for a team of employees and required to provide staff appraisals.

Conflict Management

The course provides a comprehensive understanding of conflict resolution. Employees will increase their self-awareness and problem solving skills enabling them to recognise potential conflict situations quickly and giving them the confidence to defuse them. This course is suitable for those who may face conflict as part of their day-to-day job role.

Time Management

The course is designed to help you regain control of your workload. It looks at establishing SMART goals, mastering the art of delegation and developing action plans to help make lasting improvements to your management of time. It is designed for everyone, at all levels and across sectors.

Customer Service

This course is designed to help employees exceed customer expectations and make the most from each customer visit. Areas covered include recognising customer behaviour styles and adapting to them, how to represent your employer positively, and complaint handling. This course is suitable for employees at all levels.

Food Safety

UK and EU regulations make training appropriate to their job role in basic food safety procedures a legal requirement for food handlers. The skills and understanding gained from this course will allow food servers to demonstrate their due diligence with regards to food safety. We also offer Food Safety in Manufacturing, this course provides a thorough understanding of food safety and hygiene including implementing a HACCP Food Safety Management System, and Food Safety in Catering The Level 2 Award in Food Safety in catering is designed to give catering employees knowledge and understanding of good food hygiene practice.

Drugs Awareness

This Award deals with the legal and social issues surrounding illegal drug use and drug dealing in licensed premises, helping to minimise risk to your business. The course covers the basics of drugs awareness, drug use and combating drug use. This course is suitable for anyone whose job role involves supervising licensed premises.

Fire Awareness

Fire safety training is essential. It focuses on safety legislation, risk assessment and reporting procedures to deliver workplace fire safety training to employees. This course is designed for any employee, carrying out or wishing to carry out the role of Fire Marshal or Fire Warden within the workplace.

Equality & Diversity

The Equality Act 2010 requires all businesses, whether in the public or private sector, to offer equal treatment in terms of access to goods and services, employment, training and promotion in respect of 'protected characteristics', such as race, gender and sexuality. This course is suitable for all levels of employees and managers and will help them understand and operate best equality and diversity workplace practices.
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