Melissa Thompson, Managing Director of Safer Food Scores, is a Chartered Environmental Health Officer and has been a specialist adviser to the CBA for 5 years. Melissa worked in environmental health enforcement for 13 years managing a team responsible for food safety and health and safety in the borough’s 1000+ food businesses. For the last 10 years she has worked in the private sector assisting companies in the food industry to comply with health and safety legislation and currently manages a team of UK-wide consultants, auditors and trainers. Melissa offers telephone advice on food hygiene, health and safety and food labelling matters to bakers as part of their CBA membership fees.

Safer Food Scores can also provide chargeable services for CBA members such as:

  • Food hygiene policies and HACCP plans
  • Health and safety policies and risk assessments
  • Auditing and advisory visits
  • Supplier checks and supplier audits when required
  • Training courses
  • Food label compliance checks
  • Nutritional analysis of menu items
  • Food allergen declarations
  • Mentoring to achieve quality assurance accreditation





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