Whether you're a baker, an employer or a student searching for something within the industry, we're here to help.

The board of the CBA (and it's members) are so passionate about the bakery industry, that we are keen to pass on our knowledge to future generations. Be it through, supporting students or simply demonstrating our craft to others.



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Funding your trainees

Do you need a practical hands on placement for the Summer Holidays with a CBA Baker Member? Please contact Karen@craftbakersassociation.co.uk

Supporting students

CBA members support bakery training, find out how. The Board and members support the ABST. A non-profit organisation that helps encourage student bakers and trainees.

Get inspired with free, easy to use classroom resources for teachers and give your pupils a head start when it comes to curriculum based learning for food science, food provenence, healthy eating and cooking skills.
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