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Your Industry

There are about 350 medium sized bakeries (25-100 people) and 150 large plant bakeries (more than 100 people).

There are about 4,500 small craft bakeries in the UK

Approximately 27,000 people currently working in the bakery Industry

40% of people in the baking industry are bakers the remainder work in retail, distribution and administration

The Current Market


The UK market for retail bakery products is growing at 2% pa, although this rises to 5% for artisanal products. Annual sales across the industry have risen to £6.5 billion.

Consumers in demand of healthy eating causes gluten-free products to rise. Crumpets and croissants remain the largest pastry products for weekends.

In-store bakeries have become a source of additional revenue for retailers. Lidl for example, has now upgraded all of its stores to include fresh bakeries located by the entrance to entice customers. Bakeries have more important to retailers as they aim to attract consumers by improving their shopping experience.

From 2009-2014:

  • Artisanal breadsrose from 414,000 tonnes and £615.9m in 2009 to 421,000tonnes and £682.5m in 2014.
  • Artisanal cakes rose from 172,000 tonnes and £661.1m to 176, 000 tonnes and £786.4m.
  • Artisanal pastries rose from 25,000 tonnes and £146.9m to 27, 000 tonnes and £178.8m.

Volume growth: 2009-2014

  • Artisanal breadhas risen by 1.8%.
  • Artisanal cakeshas risen by 2.4%.
  • Artisanal pastrieshas risen by 7.4%.

Value growth: 2009-2014
  • Artisanal breadhas risen by 10.8%.
  • Artisanal cakeshas risen by 18.9%.
  • Artisanal pastrieshas risen by 21.6%.


The Future

Forecast sales for 2014-2019.
  • Artisanal bread: £682.5m - £780.7m
  • Artisanal cakes: £786.4m - £826.7m
  • Artisanal pastries: £178.8m - £205m

All info taken from Baked Goods in the United Kingdom, Euromonitor International, October 2014

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