Harrison Clark Rickerbys


Harrison Clark Rickerbys the well known solicitors have joined forces with the CBA to give our members 15 Minutes Free Legal Advice plus 10% Discount on any work undertaken.

Services include:

1.    Sales and Purchasing  – This will include assisting with all legal requirements for the sales and purchases of properties as well as any funding or re-finance arrangement. They can carry out searches, investigations of title and report on any adverse or material entries on properties to both the lender and client.

2.    Interpretation of Leases and Lease matters generally –They will review Leases and interpret clauses and also deal with any assignments, sub lettings, repairs and dilapidations or other lease issues that may arise.

3.    Security Advice – They will assist with member’s with any re-finances, facilities or security requirements or borrowings that may be needed. We will also assist with any guarantee or legal requirements to perfect and release securities for banks and lenders.

4.    Succession Planning – We will provide a comprehensive service in terms of business structuring for the future as well as wills and probate for future succession and inheritance and tax planning. We will also advise on Self Investment Personal (SIPPS) and Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS).

5.    General – We will assist with any general property enquiries and queries as a result of business purchases or sales or any litigious property matters arising from occupation of the various properties whether as owner, landlord or tenant.

So whether it’s sales and purchasing or simply general advice call the CBA on 01920 468061 and we will transfer you through to Rickerby’s.

They also offer our members a debt recovery service, see further information in this document for their discounted fees and how to gain access to this service.
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